Let God Shine His Light On You!!!

Good Morning Perfect, Whole, and Complete Beings!!

Just a word of encouragement to let u know.... Don't ever try to fight the battle of Reputation or Character on your own.  It will literally be like a dog chasing its own tail! Tiresome and Pointless.... And in the end it will lead you down a bitter road of feeling like everyone is plotting against you or that u are vastly misunderstood.  This is one of those battles that you simply have to hand off to the Gods. 

I stumbled upon a phrase... a piece of wisdom..some years ago that I never forgot.  It simply says "Let Go or Be Dragged".  I've shared this before and I'm sharing it again because it is so IMPORTANT.  A lot of times we want to be freed...not seeing in many cases we have the power to free ourselves.  We free ourselves when we place our faith in God.  We free ourselves when we relinquish the urge to go to war for our Name sake.  Let that go... Let it go because you can't battle the power or brilliance of another person's imagination.  The mind is so super powerful and the stories people tell themselves can become equally as powerful... more powerful than your will or ability to control those stories will ever be.  You simply won't win that way!!  I say give it to God.... Let God Shine His Light On You!  Let God do the fighting and the lighting because when God steps in.... all critics will be silenced.  But when you try to show yourself approved... you will only fuel the fire of Ego, Fear, Controversy, and Ill Will.

So go out today and be your Beautiful, Whole, Perfect, and Complete self.  Be this with no apologies and if ever you feel the need to defend this truth about you.... DON'T.  Instead, LET GOD SHINE HIS LIGHT ON YOU! LET GOD DO IT BECAUSE HE DOES IT BEST!!

Peace and Love and Be Absolutely Blessed,

NaTisha Renee
your Emotional Life Coach