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Let Go Of Unhappiness and Live Longer!

I truly believe that our emotional/mental/spiritual life hold as much weight as our physical life.  This is why I say let go of unhappiness. Let go because your unhappiness probably won't change a thing; in fact it might be keeping you right where you don't want to be.  How is that possible?  Because you're becoming the thing you dislike; you're allowing yourself to be consumed with the same energy that is at the center of whatever is causing your unhappiness.  Make a decision to LET GO OR BE DRAGGED!!  Ever since I heard those words they haven't left or faded from me.  I think it's a powerful mental picture.....seeing myself holding on to something that I don't want and not having the right mind to let go.  I think the question you have to keep asking yourself is....who's keeping you in the room absorbing the negativity of a conversation you don't approve of, who's keeping you on the phone arguing with a family member, who's keeping you at …

New Series "Eat, Pray, Love, Better"

Since we began this series, I've done the shows:

Who you are vs. Who you choose to be

Prayer, Meditation, or Affirmation?

Unhappiness is Negativity

I can't believe so much time has passed since my last blog.  Well no excuses.  But here's what I'm thinking of this new series.  My intention with this series is to help us get pass the stuff that is keeping us from Eating, Praying, and/or Loving Better.  I will be talking about being overweight and how we can Love ourselves through our journey to transformation, I will touch on the truth about being overweight and what it means.  I also want to breakdown this thing we call Love and bring new perspective to it.  And when it comes to prayer, I simply say....keep it simple and if there's any anxiety......just focus on gratitude.  But who am I fooling...we are going much deeper.  I'm digging and rummaging through my soul; I want to learn as I share and learning is not consuming information but applying and finding unde…